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Educational Background

-M. A. in Japanese Studies, University of Michigan, USA. (2009)

-B.A. in East Asian Studies (Japanese Studies Track), Autonomous University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University, Spain. (2007)

-Courses, Graduate Studies on International & Intercultural Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona.(2003)

-B.A. in Translation & Interpreting (Spanish, English and Japanese track), Autonomous University of Barcelona. (2001)


-Course for examiners of Spanish as a Foreign language, levels C1 & C2. Organized by the Cervantes Institute in Istanbul. (November 2011)

-Spanish Language as a Foreign Language (ELE) pedagogy course, University of Barcelona and International House, Barcelona. (August 2010)

-Japanese Language as a Foreign Language Pedagogy Course. University of Michigan, USA. Intensive course. (June 2009)

-Teaching Certificate for Secondary Education (12-16 years old): English as Foreign Language. Faculty of Education, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. (June 2001)

Academic Interest

Vocabulary Focused Teaching, Oral Communication Skills,Story Telling in the Classroom, Second Language Writing,Translation.


-MEJUTO, Sonia, 2005, 'Dos mil millones de ranas'. Contrastes, vol. 41, pp. 69-72.


-Ansorena, J. 2006, 'El Prado, bajo la luz del sol naciente', Expansión, 25 March.

-November 2004-January 2006: proofreading and correction of the translation of the work The Spanish Lake (El lago español), edited by Casa Asia, in collaboration with the Australian National University and the Sociedad Estatal para Exposiciones Internacionales (the National Society for International Exhibitions).

Conference Talks

-“La Caixa” Foundation Fellowship: M.A. Program at the University of Michigan, USA. (August 2007-August 2009)

-2009 James W. Redhouse Student Prize for Best progress in Turkish in North America.

-Advanced Level First Prize, 13th Japanese Language Speech Contest in Barcelona (9th May 2004). Organized by: the Association of Japanese Enterprises in Barcelona (Suiyokai), Consulate General of Japan in Barcelona and the Japan Foundation.


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