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Educational Background

  • M.A. in Teaching Italian to Speakers of Other Languages. (Master Itals), Università' Ca' Foscari, Venezia (2005)
  • B.A. in Modern and Foreign Languages and Literature, Università degli Studi di Catania, Catania (1999)


  • Statement of Accomplishment of ' Italian language teaching between traditional and online methodology'. Loescher and Bonacci Publish House. (August 2016)
  • Statement of Accomplishment of 'University Teaching 101', Johns Hopkins University through Coursera, Baltimore, Maryland. (May 2015)
  • Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick, Match Teacher Residency through Coursera, Boston. (November 23rd, 2014)

*Temel 1, Temel 2, Orta 1, Orta 2 (A, A1, B, B1 according to the European Framework)

T.C. Ankara Üniversitesi Tömer, Ankara (2000-1999)

Work Experience

Research Experience


  • Learning by writing. An Action Research at METU University of Ankara.(2005)

This research was led by Prof. Paolo Balboni of the University of Venezia (Italy). The research was conducted for a period of four months and was an observation on how writing activities enhance the use of the target language. The research was also a collaborative job between me and my colleague Maria Gabriella Miccoli, at that time a teacher for Liceo italiano I.M.I in Istanbul.


Work Activities


  • Member staff of the Committee teachers for the Celi exams.(May 2003, 2004 and 2005).

The certificate of the Italian Language (CELI)  by the University for Foreigners of Perugia is officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education.


  • Member teacher of the preparation of Italian language examination TEOG (Apr 2014).

  • The Primary Education to Secondary Education Examination (TEOG) was introduced in Turkey by Turkish The Ministry of Education in October 2013.

    Contribution to the establishment of TED (teacher education and development unit) for DML elective language courses in Metu University  (Trainer teacher for TED2014).

    For  the Ted Unit:

    ‘The Flipped classroom’ Seminar (18 September 2014) METU University

    ‘Video feedback’ Seminar (17 February 2015) METU University

    ‘Padlet' and 'Primary Pad' workshop (12 June 2015) METU University

    ‘Google search’ workshop (06 October 2015) METU University

    ‘First day of class’ round-table discussion: (January 2016)METU University

    Contributions to the blog, “We, Together” Department of Modern Languages, METU. (March 2016-to present)

    The blog aims to foster collaboration and communication among the teachers of   Modern Languages Department, as well as encourage professional development in the Department.              ‘From a teacher’

    Contributions to the blog ’Metodi ‘ for ‘Associazione Italiana per la Formazione e l'Istruzione Online’ (Italian Association for Training and Online Education). (2018-to present)

    In the blog I recommend techniques and methods that will increase both studying performance and time management.. Useful and interesting for students and teachers and for parents.

Academic Interest

Use of technology; virtual word (Second Life),Italian language writing, Blended learning and Flipped Learning Methodology

Academic Service

  • Working for the Department of Modern Languages (METU University) as an Italian languages lecture.

Teaching Italian as a foreign language to adults university students. My duties include lecturing and tutoring. I use a wide range of educational materials and audiovisual aids. My target created wikis ( help students to follow the lessons out of class and improve their understanding of the language. Other typical tasks are classroom management, planning and preparing materials, providing feedback and marking.

  • I established and implemented a development Unit ‘TED’ (teacher education and development unit) for elective courses in METU University (2014) with the aim of tutoring and informing on a scheduled basis through workshops, the teachers of Modern Languages Department. The Unit focuses mainly on the use of new and up-to-day teaching methodologies as well as on the use of technology for teaching purpose. Ultimately the Unit is a sharing and challenging place among teachers of the Department where they have the possibility to share their knowledge and to learn from their colleagues.

  • I launched a pilot course for the Department of Modern Language of METU: the ‘Blended Learning Italian class’. (February 2018) Blended means a blend of face to face and (asynchronous as well as synchronous ) online classes.The main goal of the course is to enhance oral proficiency an encourage learner independence and reflection.

Conference Talks

  • ‘Literature in language teaching, an example’ (November 2005) Italian language teachers in Turkey, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul.

  • Small ideas for Great Teaching ‘Are You Upset about Your Lessons’ Routine? Then, Upset Your Lessons!’ (June 2012 ) MLD Talks II, METU University, Ankara.

  • ‘Grammar Lessons with the Flipped Classroom Method’ (November 2012) The 3rd Black Sea ELT Conference "Technology: A Bridge to Language Learning" Samsun.

  • ‘Behind the curtain: Shall we MOOC?’ (June 2013 ) MLD Talks III, METU University, Ankara.

  • ‘Listen to your teacher’s feedback!’ (November 2013) The 1st International ELT Conference “Reflecting on Classroom Practices” Gazi University, Ankara.

  • ‘Technology is here to stay. Let’s not pretend’ (June 2014 ) MLD Talks IV, METU University, Ankara


  • "A growth mindset: A concept of diversity on its own" ( 25-26 May 2015) 12th ODTÜ International ELT Convention  Ankara, Turkey.


  • Literature in language teaching, an example. (May 2009), Yildiz Teknik Üniversitesi Basım-Yayın Merkezi, Istanbul.

  • Learning by writing. An Action Research at METU University of Ankara. Publish by Universita' Ca Foscari. It can be viewed at the website:

  • A manuscript in the Book of Proceedings of the Conference ‘The 3rd Black Sea ELT Conference’ It can be viewed at the website:


  • Three stories from ‘Racconti dell'Anatolia’ by Necdet Adabağ, Publisher Gremese Editore 2006



  • Middle East Technical University Performance Awards (2010)

  • Middle East Technical University Performance Awards (2014)

  • Middle East Technical University Performance Awards (2016)

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