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All the following standards and frameworks have been carefully examined during the renovation process of the PDU facilities:

• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teachers by British Council (2015)

• Cambridge English Teaching Framework (2016)

• Contemporary perspectives on continuing professional development by Simon Borg (2015)

• Teacher Professionalism Scales by TALIS (2013)

• Teacher professional development: an international review of the literature by Eleonora Villegas-Reimers published by UNESCO (2003)

• TESOL Technology Standards Framework (2008)

• Professional Development: A 21st Century Skills Implementation Guide (2009)

• The EAQUALS Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development (2006)

• Continuing Professional Development - An Annotated Bibliography Amol Padwad and Krishna Dixit (2011)

• Standards for Teacher Educators by The Association of Teacher Educators (2018)

• Innovations in English Language Teacher Education edited by Pickering and Gunashekar (2014)

• Professional Standards for Accomplished Teaching of Languages and Cultures (2005)

Review of this literature has led to the following core standards to be followed by PDU at MLD.

To better meet the needs of every instructor at MLD, by focusing on six domains, PD facilities aim to follow the standards below:

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