Plagiarism: A person's using ideas or words of other people without crediting the source as if they are his/her own.

The following actions are regarded as plagiarism:

1. Using printed or internet sources without acknowledging the original source,

2. Copying sections from different sources (e.g. "copy-paste") without giving reference to all those sources,

3. Using a source by paraphrasing some parts of it (changing some words and/or structures) without giving reference to the source,

4. Giving (almost) the same assignment with another student,

5. Selling, giving or otherwise supplying material to another student for use in fulfilling academic requirements,

6. Giving the assignment which the student used in previous academic years,

Violations of the academic code of ethics may result in disciplinary actions, ranging between a "Warning" and "Receiving an FF or NA grade".

DISCLAIMER: MLD administration holds the right to extend this list if new cases emerge.

For more details, refer to the relevant courses' links on MLD Website.

Last Updated:
12/05/2022 - 16:24