Elective Arabic Courses

ARAB201, ARAB202, ARAB203, and ARAB204 are offered. (Course Codes: 6020***)

Elective French Courses

FREN201, FREN202, FREN203, FREN204, FREN205, and FREN206 are offered. (Course Codes: 6030***)

Elective German Courses

GER201, GER202, GER203, GER204, GER205, GER206, GER207 and GER208 are offered . (Course Codes: 6040***)

Elective Greek Courses

GRE201, GRE202 and GRE203 are offered . (Course Codes: 6100***)

Elective Italian Courses

ITAL201, ITAL202, ITAL203, and ITAL204 ITAL205 are offered . (Course Codes: 6060***)

Elective Japanese Courses

JA201, JA202, JA203, and JA204 are offered . (Course Codes: 6050***)

Elective Russian Courses

RUS201, RUS202, RUS203 and RUS204 are offered . (Course Codes: 6070*** )

Elective Spanish Courses

SPAN201, SPAN202, SPAN203, and SPAN204 are offered . (Course Codes: 6080***)

Elective Chinese Courses

CHIN201, CHIN202, CHIN203, CHIN204, CHIN205 are offered . (Course Codes: 6110***)

Elective Persian Courses

PERS201, PERS202, PERS203, PERS204 are offered . (Course Codes: 6120***)

Elective Turkish for Foreigners Courses

TFL271 and TFL 272 are offered . (Course Codes: 6290***)

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