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Educational Background

BA - METU Faculty of Education, English Language Education Dept.(1986-1990)

Royal Society of Arts, Cambridge, COTE (Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English) (1992-1993)

MS - METU, Faculty of Education, Educational Sciences Dept.,Curriculum Planning (1993-1996)

University Of Reading, Berkshire/UK – Materials Design and Textbook Writing (1995-June-July)

University Of Washington/U.S. – Fulbright – Visiting Scholar (1999-2000)

PhD - METU, Faculty of Education, Educational Sciences Dept., Curriculum Planning and Educational Administration (1997-2003)

Work Experience

Bilkent University, School of Foreign Languages (1992-1997)

METU, Modern Languages Department (1997-onwards)

METU,Faculty of Education (2004-2005)

Academic Interest

Currriculum Design, Educational Administration, Higher Education Policies, Organisational Leadership and Change


Somuncuoğlu, Y. & Yildirim, Ali (1999). Relationship between Achievement Goal Orientations and Use of Learning Strategies. The Journal of Educational Research, 92(5), 267-277.


Somuncuoglu, Y. & Yildirim, A. (1998). Oğrenme Stratejileri: Teorik Boyutlari, Arastirma Bulgulari ve Uygulama Icin Ortaya Koydugu Sonuclar. Eğitim ve Bilim, 22(110), 31-39.


Somuncuoglu, Y. & Yildirim, A. (2000). Ogrenme Stratejileri Kullaniminin Çesitli Değişkenlerle Ilişkisi. Eğitim ve Bilim, 25(115), 57-64.


M.S. Thesis : ‘The Relationship between Achievement Goal Orientations and the   Use of Learning Strategies’

Ph.D. Dissertation: ‘An Analysis of Change in Pre-Service Teacher Education in Turkey by Using Chaos Theory’



 Sagcı, I., Somuncuoglu, Y. & Unlusoy, S. (1999).The Realm of Reading. Ankara: METUPress.

Alperer, S., Esit, C., Pehlivanoglu-Noyes, F., Sıgınan, O., &Somuncuoglu, Y. (2005). English for Academic Purposes I. Ankara:  METUPress.


Masters & PhD Jury Membership:

(1)PhD : Silman Fatos, June 2005, “A Comparative Case Study on the School Management Practices in the United States and Turkey”, METU

(2)M.A  :Duzan, Canan Ucar, January 2006, “An Evaluation of the In-Service Teacher Training Program for the Newly Hired Instructors in the School of Foreign Languages at Middle East Technical University”, METU

(3)M.A : Yelesen, Derem, November 2006, “An Evaluation of the ENG311,

Advanced Communication Skills”, METU


Academic Journal Article Reviewer:

Studia Psychologica

Conference Talks

-The Annual Conference of AERA                      

 (American Educational Research Association)

in San Diego, USA, 1997April- paper presented “The Relationship between Achievement Goal Orientations and Use of Learning Strategies”


-The Second INGED International ELT Conference in Ankara, 1998 October-

paper presented “Evaluating the Curriculum of a Freshman English Course”



-33rd International IATEFL Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1999 April-paper presented “Designing a Curriculum for a Freshman English Writing Course”


-4th Southern Cone TESOL Conference, Curitiba, Brazil, 2001 July-paper presented “Instructional Policy Making in an EFL Context”


-ECER (European Conference on Educational Research) 2005, 7-10 September, Dublin, Ireland -paper presented “An Analysis of Change in Pre-Service Teacher Education in Turkey: Does Chaos Theory Help Explain the Whys and Hows?”


-TESOL Egypt, Cairo 2005, 11-12 November--paper presented “Curriculum Renewal Process in an Academic ESL Setting: Success or Failure?”


METU Academic Performance award in 2004 July

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