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Educational Background

Ph.D. Ankara University (Theatre Studies)

M.A. University of Birmingham: Shakespeare Institute (Shakespeare Studies)

M.A. Hacettepe University (English Literature and Language)

B.A. Hacettepe University (English Literture and Language)

High School TED Ankara College

Academic Interest

Academic Speaking Skills, Academic Presentations, Drama, Shakespeare, Shakespeare and English Language Teaching, Using Drama in Academic Presentations




"Haydn's Humour Reflected in Lo Speziale (1788) and L'Incontro Improvisso (1775)", in

Ottoman Empire and European Theatre, II. The Time of Joseph Haydn: From Sultan Mahmud I to Mahmud II (r.1730-1839), edited by Michael Hüttler – Hans Ernst Weidinger,

Wien: Holitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, 2014.


"Verbal Painting by Means of Dance and Portraits" in Shakespeare and the Visual Arts: The Italian Influence", edited by Michele Marrapodi, London and New York: Routledge, 2017


Translations, Book Reviews, Books, Conference Papers,Articles in National and International Journals, Articles on ELT


Çıkıgil, Necla, Joan Özelçi, Ayşe Özmen,

Advanced Readings and Oral Communication Activities: ENG 211,

Ankara: METU Department of Modern Languages,1995,

(Revised Version, 1997)

Çıkıgil, Necla, Ayşem Karadağ, Dilek Yağcıoğlu, Serdar Yıldırım,

The Realm of Speaking, Ankara: METU Press, 1999.

Çıkıgil, Necla, Ayşem Karadağ,

The Speaking Sphere, Ankara: METU Press, 2001.

(Revised Version, 2002)


Theatre, Ballet, Aerospace , Writing Reviews (Book,Ballet,Theatrical Performance)


Vakıfbank 1998-99 Academic Year Award

METU Development Foundation Publication Award, 2017 (International Publication)

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